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  • XX V81186 Cubano-cobalt
  • V4043 Floral Planter Set Aquablue
  • Cropped Dodos Pot
  • Cropped Bacone Snow
  • GLZ Copper Tri 1
  • DSC04586
  • V5103 Sq Flute Creme Copper Dk Green
  • Frost Tangos
  • V5160 Waffled Coin Pot Set Apple
  • DSC05160
  • Reziezed Background Group
  • Display Table
  • V4033 Kong Planter-blue tri
  • V5947 Wave Pot
  • Cropped Group
  • Empire Jar in Snow


The Clay Market


     Since 1999 The Clay Market has supplied independent garden centers and specialty stores with the finest

quality, unique, custom designed pottery and garden accessories.  As a direct importer and distributor we

are able to offer the very best wholesale prices without any add-on costs such as packing, freight or fuel


     We strive to keep our overhead low and pass the savings on to you!  This is the primary reason you will

not see us exhibiting at the trade shows!  Our competitors must add the exorbitant expense of the shows

into their wholesale prices!

     Although we no longer do the shows, our experienced and knowledgeable Clay Marketers are available

and look forward to assisting you in growing your profits with our "hot" line.  We offer an easy approach

to ordering, receiving and selling at the retail level!

     Year round our pottery yards are fully stocked with an assortment of styles ready for quick delivery to

your store.  New containers arrive several times each month containing new designs and glazes so there is

always a fresh look available!

     Please allow us to show you why we are the best choice for independent retailers!  At The Clay Market

our one powerful goal  is to build a dedicated and long-lasting relationship with you!

     We welcome visits to our pottery yards by appointment or you may request a Clay Marketer to visit

your store! 




New Pixie Pots!

Free Delivery

No Freight Add-Ons at The Clay Market

At The Clay market, we include freight in our prices.  Don't fall for the "Add-On" tricks some others play.  You are always sure of your low cost, quality products when you purchase your pottery from us. Whether you order a few pots or a full container, no one beats our final, delivered price. When ordering gifts, we can ship FedEx Ground or if you are a pottery customer, we will add it to the truck.

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